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Co-Founder and CEO at Empowered-Youth.


Dene is a successful, self-taught entrepreneur with 18 years of mentorship experience and a passion for helping young people achieve success. In his life-long quest to bridge the gap between education and working life, Dene has inspired thousands of promising young minds across the world to broaden their horizons, pursue their aspirations, and become the ultimate version of themselves.

Also known for having hosted multiple TV shows, a radio personality, international motivational speaker, Forex trader and coach, salesman, brand ambassador coach, actor and model, extreme sports athlete, rhino activist, Guinness World Record holder and all round lover of life, Dene has a confident approach to life and business and has an extremely passionate demeanour – The excitement is clearly demonstrated when providing insight on all and any things youth related.

Starting with a ‘Salesman of the year’ award in Grade 1, he was on stage in professional productions at seven, modelling for international magazines at 10 and starting several businesses that saw him earning more than his teachers while still at school Experience as an estate agent, forex trader and coach, extreme athlete, brand ambassador, event commentator, MC, motivational speaker and surf-coach trainer, and even a small-restaurant owner, along with extensive international travel, culminated in his ultimate career-path – assisting teenagers and young adults to improve their future prospects and quality of life.

Empowered Youth, Inspired Youth and Empowered-Youth he believes, are a culmination of his life’s work. Presenting & performing, motivating & coaching, and an undeniable passion for the youth as a whole. He’s been working since the age of 13 y/o and his passion and determination is what has lead him and his business, Empowered Youth, to become leaders within the Inspiration and Guidance industries.

Dene has the skill of presenting formal and educational content, in a cool manner with an underlying brand awareness objective.

From hosting live music festivals to commentating extreme sports events, international modelling for print and ramp (Including being one of the highly acclaimed Cosmopolitan Calendar guys in 2009), radio show host to shooting over a hundred TV commercials and even presenting TV shows and winning several reality TV shows (Including South Africa’s Most Irresistible Man in 2011) naked sky-diving to raise money for Rhino conservation and now hosting Empowered Youth content at live events, on TV, radio and digital platforms, Dene has a strong presenter presence and the ability promote a brand, work a crowd, get the energy flowing, and provide guests with relevant info… in a fun, aspirational, informative and professional manner.

Dene now hops between London, which he currently calls home, Cape Town and Johannesburg for work as the Empowered Youth movement has gained interest from many leading companies, educational institutes, Government departments, overseas investors and media from all corners of the globe. Having been featured in Fast Company Magazine as one of “2018’s Most Creative People in Business” and a double page article in GQ South Africa the following month, Dene has become one of the leading authorities in anything relating to Youth Skills Development and Training.

Earlier in 2019 the company received huge interest from several international partners and Empowered-Youth was born – The UK version of Empowered Youth set to improve the lives of millions of teens and students in and around the UK and abroad.


  • Students are inspired and guided on how to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations and create successful lifestyles and careers.
  • A strong sense of identity, confidence, and purpose.
  • Effective communication and leadership skills
  • An overwhelming advantage as students enter the “real-world”
  • Prosperity: Wealth, Health, Happiness, and Success.




I know now that I must get off my butt and start living MY life! Also that I should spend less and invest more. Wonderful lessons. The workbooks and challenges are great too.

Sharmila (17)

An excellent programme. Employability, money management and personal branding skills etc. All the things our teenagers need to know. Dene is a phenomenal coach and mentor.

Fiona (Mom)

Really amazing course! Easy to follow, easy to understand, and huge amount of value. Thanks @Mom, I'll start looking for a job and leave home soon! LOL. No seriously, thanks it was great.

Denis (18)

The program exceeded my expectations, it was really impactful and I know Ricky (16) will use many of the lessons throughout his professional career and his personal life too. Highly recommended.

Ricky's Dad

Dene is super motivational! A very inspiring person who's really passionate about his work. He was very energetic when delivering the lessons, and he’s only "39 years young"! Hahaha I really enjoyed this.

Nicole (15)

My daughter Yolanda (17) really enjoyed the course. It was fantastic to see her learning and then implementing the knowledge on a regular basis. It gives us such comfort to see her confidence levels soring, thankz Empowered Youth!

Yolanda's Mom

I really enjoyed every lesson, the whole thing was eye opening, I got the most important information that I believe I needed all this time, I am grateful for this opportunity.

Raven (18)

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