Digital Programme

Our “Young Mavericks” offers students an engaging learning experiences through a modern 6-month training programme. Learn anytime, anywhere with our comprehensive video content designed to enhance knowledge and skills. Empower your educational journey with our interactive and convenient video courses.

Online Academy

Our “Online Academy” provides students with access to live and interactive weekly coaching sessions with a group of like-minded individuals over the duration of 12-months. Designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge, the online academy offers various subjects for our “Prosperity Programme” that focuses on Wealth, Health, Happiness, and Success. This modern coaching helps students to thrive in the real world.

Coaching and Mentorship

We offer personalised coaching and mentorship services to students. Our team of subject-matter experts provides regular guidance and support to enhance personal development, goal-setting, and overall success. Through small-group coaching to one-on-one sessions, students receive tailored advice and strategies to overcome challenges, maximize their potential, and achieve their aspirations.


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