5 part series

To bring about a financial wake-up call, establish the important reality that there is no better time to start planning for the future than today.
To convey basics about the pillars of financial health.
To demonstrate key financial skills like budgeting.

What you will get out of this course:

Educational Objectives:

Research about the financial habits of South Africans reveals shocking facts: we overspend, we don’t save and we have limited knowledge of how to make our Rands and cents work for us.

Over the course of 5 lessons, this series lays the foundation of a responsible, informed financial life…we set financial goals, dispel myths around money and ultimately set the student up for financial health.

The entertaining lessons are packed with age-appropriate guidance, top practical tips to apply to the learners’ lives and a task that underlines the importance of a specific financial habit, all wrapped up in a slick, modern aesthetic.

The series is hosted by well-known public personality, Hlubi Mboya-Arnold.

Learner Outcomes:

The learner will understand what the difference is between responsible financial behaviour and a head-in-the-sand attitude.

The learner will have a bank account.
The learner will know how to do a monthly personal budget.
The learner will understand the dangers of debt and what the devastating effects of a cycle of debt repayment can do to a household’s budget.
The learner will look at money from a fresh perspective, now understanding that we are often suckers to the messages of the ad industry and media.