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Educational Objectives:


Giving the unemployed, despondent young person a sense of hope.

To encourage students to believe in their dreams, but also to be realistic and patient.

Enabling students to arrive at job interviews confidently, despite the fact that they don’t have flashy outfits or impressive degrees.

Empowering students with knowledge about how the Constitution and employment contracts protect one’s rights in the workplace.


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Series Summary:


The world is rapidly changing, and so is the workplace. The encouraging theme throughout this series is that for some employer out there, you are the ideal candidate. We look at ways that the prospective employee can prepare themselves for when opportunity knocks, even if they don’t have experience or a qualification. While being cognisant of the challenges our youth faces, the reality out there is not sugarcoated…rather, we suggest ways to get your mind right by staying positive and determined. We underline that each individual is responsible for living up to their own dreams and that unemployment most certainly does not mean one is a failure at life or a useless member of society.


Learner Outcomes:


  • A sense of confidence and optimism that an opportunity will come their way if they look long and hard enough.
  • Students should have a perfect CV, cover letter and the necessary preparation to seriously be considered as a candidate for a vacancy.
  • Students should have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities.
  • A realistic expectation of the workplace as a competitive environment, often filled with ruthlessly ambitious colleagues.

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