Infogain TechXcellence Academy by Infogain is a partnership between Empowered Youth Academy LTD, an internationally recognised and award-winning skills development and training academy, and Infogain, a human-centred digital platform and software engineering company based in Silicon Valley with design and build centres around the globe. We empower companies in the travel, retail, insurance, and tech verticals to use the cloud, AI, and emerging technologies to create extensible platforms that leverage data and delight users.


Rekindle motivation and engagement.


Equip young people with lifelong success skills.


Unlock valuable employment opportunities.


Inspire them to dream big and chase their aspirations.


Ignite a passion for learning, life, and success.


Develop their identity, confidence, and purpose.


Improve their communication and leadership skills.


Strive for wealth, health, happiness, and success.

Infogain TechXcellence Academy

Project Overview:

Empowered Youth, as the appointed organisation, will be responsible for the development, delivery, and reporting of the Infogain TechXcellence Academy on behalf of Infogain. The programme will target student beneficiaries in the London area and host a motivational engagement at a local college, and then onboard a certain amount of student beneficiaries onto Infogain’s Infogain TechXcellence Academy for live weekly engagement over a 3-month period.

Our Mission:

At Infogain TechXcellence Academy, we recognise the challenges facing today's youth. Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional education and the skills needed for real-world success We're guided by the 'Prosperity Programme,' focusing on Wealth, Health, Happiness, and Success. Our aim is to transform young people into well-rounded, confident individuals ready to conquer life's challenges. On top of that, the Smart Academy beneficiaries will receive in-depth knowledge into the worlds of Technology, Innovation, AI, Cloud and Experience.

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