Empowered Youth


The internationally recognised growth mind-set and skills-development training academy dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for young people across the Globe. Students are inspired, guided and mentored on how to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations and create successful careers and fulfilling lifestyles.




  • Having a powerful advantage at success
  • Skills and tools for life
  • Join a global network of like-minded peers
  • Subject-matter experts in live coaching sessions
  • Internships, apprenticeships and employment opportunities
  • Exclusive competitions, prizes, VIP tickets & more
  • Learn and Earn programme
  • Welcome gift on enrolment
  • Goodwill: Enrol-One-Sponsor-One



  • You want a life of Prosperity: wealth, health, happiness and explosive success!
  • You’re eager to join a global community of likeminded people who offer continuous support, guidance and mentorship.
  • You like the concept of fast absorption, rapid realisation and practical implementation.
  • You’re sick and tired of just surviving and have decided that it’s your time to thrive!
  • You’re excited to grow your skill-set and take part in a fun, yet challenging programme. 😀


  • You think you’re too old, lazy, cool or scared to learn new skills and become the best version of yourself.
  • You don’t like the digital world and prefer boring textbooks and classrooms that smell like Old Spice and sadness.
  • You’re not willing to commit the effort it takes to become successful – This is an in-depth programme with content and coaches that guarantee results.
  • You plan on win the Lottery one day or plan on just marrying someone rich so don’t need to have your own skills.
  • You hate fun, think you know everything, and are going to be a pain-in-the-butt for my team and I to work with! 🙁


Success Habits


Your Money Mojo

Being Boss!

Work Readiness

Global Citizenship

How to Learn Quickly and Smash Your Exams

The Art of Pitching

Killer CV’s and Nailing the Job Interview

Leadership and Mindfulness

Sales 101 & The Importance of Smiling

Self-discovery is Self-worth



Your Communication Toolkit

Critical Thinking

Entrepreneurship 101

Public Speaking

W.T.F? – What’s The Future?

Environment and Climate (Sustainability)

Ikigai: Passion + Purpose


Time Management

Kaizen: Constant Expansion and Improvement of Oneself

Personal Branding

Thriving Beyond

Health: Mental, Physical and EQ

Courage & Facing Fear

Money Making Ideas

The Dark Stuff: Bullying, Drugs and Even Death

Self-Belief… Is Your Everything

Entrepreneurship 201

The Wheel of Life

Superhuman Skills

Mind-set Management

Starting Your Own Business


  • Re-motivate students re-engage with staff after a highly disruptive 2 years of inconsistent learning.
  • Positively enhance the quality of lives of young people in an impactful and measurable manner.
  • To operate as a third party separate from the educational institute in order to meet the students on their level, build trust and guide them.
• Build a network of strong, confident, young individuals and support them to know they are not on their own.

• Offer students guidance towards opportunities of internships, work experience opportunities and more.

• Help students build confidence, grit, self-belief, critical thinking and many other skills that allow them to live fulfilling and prosperous lives full of contribution, passion and purpose.

• Add value and increase to student’s lives regardless of their background.


  • Focusing on mental health, growth mindset, and a willingness to learn.
  • Enabling students to be “real-world” ready once they finish their studies.
  • Including parents in the coaching programme – Optional but not additional
• Enable students to be “real-world” ready once they finish their studies (Employability and Entrepreneurship).

• Encourage students to challenge their aspirations and broaden their horizons.

• Enhance student’s self-belief abilities and decision-making skills.

• Empower students by providing resources, skills, tools and opportunities for personal growth.

• Demonstrate to students the core qualities that lead to prosperity and a life of purpose.

• Providing students with advice and access to further learning opportunities.

• Constant messaging aimed towards employability and entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and real-world readiness

• Guide students in their development of personal, community, and global leadership skills.


  • A strong sense of identity, confidence, and wellbeing.
  • A strengthened bond between student and parents.
  • Students develop a willingness-to-learn.
  • An understanding of what is needed to unlock one’s full potential.
• Students become involved learners and leaders.

• Students understand what is needed to unlock their potential.

• Students are connected with and contribute to their world.

• Students are effective communicators.

• Students understand the benefit of continuous learning and helping others.

• Students are connected with and contribute to their world.

• Students are effective communicators.

• Students understand the benefit of continuous learning.


The live interactive coaching sessions, video tutorials, workbooks and challenges are all delivered virtually. Each week, we alternate between live coaching sessions and video tutorials which are unlocked and accessed on the Empowered Youth Academy portal.

  • 12 Months
  • 25 x Live Interactive Coaching Sessions
  • 25 x Video Tutorials
  • 25 x Workbooks
  • 25 x Challenges
  • 12 x Parents Sessions
  • Pre- and Post- training progress evaluation
  • Ongoing support and further opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion and Letter of Acknowledgment


Total: 60 to 80 hours over 12 months

25 x Live Interactive Coaching Sessions which are 35 to 45 minutes each depending on topic and student participation.

25 x Video Tutorials which are +- 25 minutes in duration and are accompanied by a Workbook to take notes in, and a Challenge which can take anything between 15 minutes and 2 hours to complete.

12 x Parents Sessions which are +- 25 minutes each.



Each student that joins the Empowered Youth Academy will indirectly sponsor a student-in-need with the same opportunity through the Greg Secker Foundation’s international outreach programme. Free access to the Academy will be made available to a deserving student from a Youth Group, NPO, YOI, or disadvantaged school on your behalf.

Regions include the UK, South Africa, Kenya, India, and the Philippines.


Co-Founder and Managing Director of Empowered-Youth.

Dene is a self-taught entrepreneur who has dedicated the past 16 years of his life dedicated to training young people on essential life-skills that bridge the gap between the teenager years and adulthood. His highly active and diverse personal and professional life has allowed him to inspire, guide and mentor tens of thousands of young people from around the globe, regardless of the backgrounds, to broaden their horizons, challenge their aspirations and live their ultimate lives.

Also known for having hosted multiple TV shows, a radio personality, international motivational speaker, Forex trader and coach, salesman, brand ambassador coach, actor and model, extreme sports athlete, rhino activist, Guinness World Record holder and all round lover of life, Dene has a confident approach to life and business and has an extremely passionate demeanour – The excitement is clearly demonstrated when providing insight on all and any things youth related.

Starting with a ‘Salesman of the year’ award in Grade 1, he was on stage in professional productions at seven, modelling for international magazines at 10 and starting several businesses that saw him earning more than his teachers while still at school Experience as an estate agent, forex trader and coach, extreme athlete, brand ambassador, event commentator, MC, motivational speaker and surf-coach trainer, and even a small-restaurant owner, along with extensive international travel, culminated in his ultimate career-path – assisting teenagers and young adults to improve their future prospects and quality of life.

Empowered Youth, Inspired Youth and Empowered-Youth he believes, are a culmination of his life’s work. Presenting & performing, motivating & coaching, and an undeniable passion for the youth as a whole. He’s been working since the age of 13 y/o and his passion and determination is what has lead him and his business, Empowered Youth, to become leaders within the Inspiration and Guidance industries.

Dene has the skill of presenting formal and educational content, in a cool manner with an underlying brand awareness objective.

From hosting live music festivals to commentating extreme sports events, international modelling for print and ramp (Including being one of the highly acclaimed Cosmopolitan Calendar guys in 2009), radio show host to shooting over a hundred TV commercials and even presenting TV shows and winning several reality TV shows (Including South Africa’s Most Irresistible Man in 2011) naked sky-diving to raise money for Rhino conservation and now hosting Empowered Youth content at live events, on TV, radio and digital platforms, Dene has a strong presenter presence and the ability promote a brand, work a crowd, get the energy flowing, and provide guests with relevant info… in a fun, aspirational, informative and professional manner.

Dene now hops between London, which he currently calls home, Cape Town and Johannesburg for work as the Empowered Youth movement has gained interest from many leading companies, educational institutes, Government departments, overseas investors and media from all corners of the globe. Having been featured in Fast Company Magazine as one of “2018’s Most Creative People in Business” and a double page article in GQ South Africa the following month, Dene has become one of the leading authorities in anything relating to Youth Skills Development and Training.

Earlier in 2019 the company received huge interest from several international partners and Empowered-Youth was born – The UK version of Empowered Youth set to improve the lives of millions of teens and students in and around the UK and abroad.


The Empowered Youth Academy is open and we’re currently taking applicants for the exclusive “Part-Sponsored Opportunity”. (Conditions apply*) The educational programmes and mentorship opportunities, are available throughout the year.
Empowered Youth Academy costs £2,900. The current promotion of the “Part-Sponsored Opportunity” is only £1,450 and gives you access to the full programme, access to all course content, workbooks and challenges, the live interactive coaching sessions, as well as all the benefits outlined previously plus more. For those interested, we offer a 6-month payment plan for £275 per month
1. Empowered Youth Academy can monitor the student’s progress 2. The programme is completed 3. Student (or parent) supplies us with a video or written testimonial once finished
The Empowered Youth Academy programme is virtual and takes place over 6 months. The course content is split-up into 25 weekly lessons, each of which contains pre-recorded video tutorial, a workbook and a challenge that you can work through in your own time. We usually break for the holidays but this is completely optional and at the student’s discretion. On top of that, each Tuesday at 16h00 (BST), Dene Botha will host a live interactive coaching session where he’ll be joined by some guest subject-matter experts to discuss that week’s topic. All coaching sessions are recorded and shared with the members of the Academy in case you missed it live. Empowered Youth Academy is self-guided with the exception of Dene Botha’s live coaching sessions, so you’re able to work-through the programme at your own pace. We understand that life gets busy, so if you feel like you need a break or want to pause your membership for a while, that’s completely fine.
We recommend allocating 3-4 hours each week to the programme. Each video tutorial is between 20 and 30 minutes long (which we suggest watching twice to ensure retention), workbooks and challenges take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. The live interactive coaching sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes each week (Tuesdays at 16h00 (BST)) where you’ll be able to join Dene Botha for a discussion on the Academy content, current affairs and ask him any questions you may have.
Yes, but the Mentorship programme is only available four times a year at the start of each quarter. Why? Because we go through it together. Over the course of the programme you’ll be mentored by Dene Botha, the Empowered Youth team, and guest subject-matter experts via pre-scheduled virtual sessions. Applications for the Mentorship programme are currently open, simply email us at info@empowered-youth.com for more info.
No. Whether you’re a school-going teenager, a college students, a University graduate or just someone who’s young-at-heart, the lessons at the Empowered Youth Academy can be applied to any and all aspects of your personal and professional life. We’re here to help you become Wealthy, Healthy, happy and Successful. All you need is the passion and determination... We’ll bring the rest. J
We’re always here to support our students. The best way to receive support throughout the course is either asking questions during the live coaching sessions, contact us via the exclusive Facebook group you’ll be invited to, or simply email us at info@empowered-youth.com
The lessons learned at the Empowered Youth Academy can be applied to almost any student, regardless of their country. The Success Syllabus is global programme and the content within is adaptable.
At this time, the Empowered Youth Academy is only offered in English, but we hope to expand to other languages in the future.
“Empowered Youth Academy provides Updated Education, Fast Absorption, Rapid Realisation and Practical Implementation which together provides you with a Powerful Advantage and results in Explosive Success!” – If this statement speaks to you, it’s right for you.
For Academy members, unfortunately there is not an opportunity to meet with Dene face-to-face/one-on-one, but he does host most of the weekly live coaching sessions so you will be able to interact with him then. For the Mentorship programme, yes, you’ll be meeting with Dene (and his team) regularly.
We stand behind everything we do and we back that up with our satisfaction guarantee. We ask that you give it two weeks and put in the work. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise by day 14 of the course, simply email us and we’ll issue you a full refund less costs – Kindly refer to the Terms of Purchase.
Each person that joins the Empowered Youth Academy will indirectly sponsor a student-in-need with the same opportunity through our partner’s outreach programme. Free access to the Academy will be made available to a deserving student from a Youth Group, NPO, YOI, or disadvantaged school on your behalf. Regions include the UK, South Africa, Kenya, India, and the Philippines.

An excellent understanding of the core elements needed for employability, money management and mental growth. This is great, Dene is inspiration and a phenomenal trainer.

Stephen (16)

I know now that I must get off my butt and start living MY life! Also that I should spend less and invest more. Wonderful lessons. The workbooks and challenges are great too.

Sharmila (17)

Really amazing course! Easy to follow, easy to understand, and huge amount of value. Thanks @Mom, I'll start looking for a job and leave home soon! LOL. No seriously, thanks it was great.

Denis (18)

Dene is super motivational! A very inspiring person who's really passionate about his work. He was very energetic when delivering the lessons, and he’s only "39 years young"! Hahaha I really enjoyed this.

Nicole (15)

The program exceeded my expectations, it was really impactful and I know Ricky (16) will use many of the lessons throughout his professional career and his personal life too. Highly recommended.

Ricky's Dad

My daughter Yolanda (17) really enjoyed the course. It was fantastic to see her learning and then implementing the knowledge on a regular basis. It gives us such comfort to see her confidence levels soring, thankz Empowered Youth!

Yolanda's Mom

I really enjoyed every lesson, the whole thing was eye opening, I got the most important information that I believe I needed all this time, I am grateful for this opportunity.

Raven (18)

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