Anyone who’s had a business idea will often talk to someone that’s close to them to get an idea of what they think about the idea – your boyfriend or girlfriend, friends or Mom and Dad. The trouble is that they often are just being nice to you and don’t want to tell you that your idea isn’t perfect, or even really bad! We call this BAD DATA. If you want to get good data, you need approach this differently.


Go and speak to 5 people about the problem that your product or service will solve. Do you want to be a hairdresser or baker? Find out if people want or need a new hairdresser or bakery in the area.

Now that you’ve found out that people have the problem that your business will solve, talk to 5 people about your solution. Find out what they think about it.

You need to get people to give some kind of commitment for your product – We call this ‘pre-sales’


Entrepreneurs provide a solution to people’s problems – this can be anything from making a new children’s toy that kids didn’t have before, to growing crops in an area that didn’t have local produce, to building a small petrol station in the middle of no-where

If you want to succeed, you need to identify that the problem exists.
The best way to do this is by getting outside and talking to people.
You need to get advice from them first to determine that you have a product that people actually want.
The best way to get GOOD DATA is to get a commitment from people that they will buy your product / service.