About Empowered Youth:

Empowered Youth is a growth mind-set and skills-development training academy dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for young people across the globe, regardless of their background. Founded in South Africa in 2014 Empowered Youth has directly impacted the lives of +-60,000 young people in eight countries.

Students are inspired, guided and mentored on how to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations and create successful careers and fulfilling lifestyles.

Our 4 Foundational Pillars: Wealth, Health, Happiness and Success

The Academy:

The 9-month / 36-lesson programme offers students exciting, facilitator lead, guidance classes coupled with challenges and live Q&A sessions. The weekly lessons are content-rich, modern and “cool”, impactful, measurable and relevant to the target audience. It’s a new-age finishing school that produces a network of strong-minded individuals and future leaders.

Lessons topics incl.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Money Making
  • Personal Branding
  • Grit
  • Confidence
  • Superhuman Skills
  • Money Mojo 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employability
  • Leadership & Mindfulness 

and many more exciting topics!


  • Welcome gift (on registration
  • 36 x weekly video lessons (20 to 35 minutes per lesson) (9-month term)
  • 36 x weekly challenges
  • 36 x weekly workbooks
  • 36 x weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Affiliate marketing = Learn and Earn opportunity
  • Competitions, prizes, discounts, rewards, VIP tickets to events, boot camps + more.
  • A global network of like-minded peers
  • Funneling opportunities to internships, jobs & partnerships (TBC)
  • Graduates can become paid coaches/facilitators
  • Certificate of completion


• “Buy-One-Sponsor-One-Free”: Each student that enrolls will indirectly sponsor a disadvantaged student access to the Academy too. These students are beneficiaries of the Greg Secker Foundation and are from various regions including the UK, South Africa, Kenya, India, and the Philippines.


• Re-motivate students re-engage with staff after a highly disruptive period of inconsistent learning

• Positively enhance the quality of lives of students around the Globe in an impactful and measurable manner

• Build a network of strong, confident, young individuals and support them to know they are not on their own

• Offer students opportunities of internships, micro-ambassadorships apprenticeships, work experience opportunities and more

• Help students build confidence, grit, self-belief, critical thinking and many other skills that allow them to live fulfilling and prosperous lives full of contribution, passion and purpose.

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