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Express Workshop:
Financial Literacy

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Time: 16:00-17:30
Venue: Empowered Youth Academy - Zoom Classroom

Topics Include:
Everything You Know is Wrong
Getting the Money Basics Right
Your Money Journey
Saving vs. Investing
The Dark Side of Money
The Wake-Up Call

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LIVE, facilitator-led, online workshops addressing the most important skills required today! Interactive, power session that are hosted by recognised thought-leaders and industry experts.

Workshops are content-rich, real-time, contemporary, rewarding, relevant, fun and tailored to target audiences.

Special guest speakers include celebrities, futurists and thought-leaders.


90-min power sessions: Short, sweet and straight to the point

Small groups, focusing on specific topics, hosted by subject-matter experts

One month FREE membership of Empowered Youth Rewards programme (T&C's apply)

Pre and post proficiency test results (Optional)

Opportunities for internships, jobs, partnerships, bursaries and more!

"Learn and Earn". Earn commission and offer your peers discounted rates through our Affiliate Marketing Programme