Bespoke Programmes:

We provide customisable skills-development training programs for medium to large corporates. These programmes are tailored to address the specific needs of the organisation, such as enhancing brand value, increasing client and employee loyalty, and addressing HR, CSR, Marketing and PR requirements. Through these programmes, corporates can invest in the professional development of their workforce and promote a culture of continuous learning.

For CSR, Social Impact and ESG

Our Corporate Programmes in CSR/CSI/Social Impact fulfil the company's community mandate while creating positive change through education and skills training. They demonstrate commitment to CSR/CSI, enhance brand reputation, and attract socially conscious stakeholders. Customised to align with the brand's ethos, they build stronger relationships with communities and government entities.

For HR

Our HR Programmes are aimed at boosting staff morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty while rewarding employees for their work by positively impacting the lives of their children. These initiatives also demonstrate a commitment to CSR, enhancing the employer brand and attracting top talent. Employees experience professional growth, career opportunities, and a strong connection to company values. The programs also provide a competitive edge in the job market and foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning.


Our Marketing Opportunity allows brand to reach the elusive first-time-buyers-market in an impactful way, boosts sales, extends reach, and amplifies brand awareness. Satisfied parents and students become word-of-mouth advocates, generating positive referrals and recommendations, which further amplify sales, brand recognition, plus much more.

For PR

By embracing our CSR, HR, and Marketing opportunities, corporate brands can not only achieve their goals in these areas but also enjoy significant PR benefits. Demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility, enhancing employee satisfaction, and amplifying brand awareness all contribute to positive PR. These initiatives generate favourable publicity, strengthen brand reputation, and attract stakeholders who align with the company's values, ultimately leading to increased visibility and success in the market.


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