We organise exciting events that provide students with opportunities to network, learn, and engage with like-minded individuals. These events may include bootcamps, residential outings and youth summits with industry experts and thought leaders. Join the mailing list and stay tuned to our social pages for more.


Our upcoming book, "Raising the Y.E.S Generation – Youth, Ethical, and Successful," delves into the principles of empowerment and success. The book offers valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiring stories to guide parents, educators, and individuals in nurturing the next generation of ethical and successful young leaders. The book will be available soon; join the mailing list and stay tuned to our social pages to keep in the loop.


the Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace is a one-stop shop platform designed to empower young people with multiple structured money-earning skills. Through theYEMP, young entrepreneurs can learn, develop, and showcase their products and services. The platform provides them with their own online store, enabling them to promote and sell their offerings to a wider audience. This not only fosters entrepreneurial skills but also encourages creativity, innovation, and financial independence among young individuals.


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