Academy Membership

Live ONGOING group mentoring sessions hosted bi-weekly. Interactive, facilitator lead, incubator classes hosted by recognized thought leaders. Fun, content-rich, reward-based, modern, real-time and relevant to target audience.

Continuous support and engagement. Regular evaluations, reports and feedback, Learn & Earn opportunity, certificates, and more!

1 to 2 live sessions per week of 30 to 45 minutes discussing Current Affairs, Success, Leadership, Ideation & Innovation.

Sessions include theory and practical, group assessments and conclude with interactive Q&A.
(Available on monthly or annual basis.)



• Continuous mentorship and support

• Opportunities for internships, jobs, prizes, bursaries, influencer searches and more

• Competitions, discounts, spot prizes, VIP tickets

• Mahala Loyalty rewards programme

• Academy Members “Power Session” every Wednesday morning at 08h00 (CAT)

• Free access to all Digital Workshops

• Affiliate Marketing. Earn commission on selling Academy Membership and Digital Workshops with your Unique Promo Code (Exclusive to Academy Members)

• Exclusive invites to Speciality Workshops, VIP tickets to events (when they happen again) and first option for competition entries and Virtual Experiences.

• Recordings of previous workshops and Academy Membership

• Certificate of Academy Membership (*Annual members only)

First 100 Discount: Only R299 per month or R1,495 for six month
(Normal price: R499 per month or R2,495 for six months)