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Empowered Youth is proud to announce the launch of its innovative online educational program, the Young Mavericks Academy, designed to empower young people to overcome the challenges they face and achieve their full potential. 

In today’s rapidly changing world, young people are faced with a multitude of obstacles, from despondency and depression, to unemployment, and even a lack of access to quality education and opportunities. The Young Mavericks Academy has been created to address these issues and provide young people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives. One of the unique aspects of the Academy is that it hosts regular live and interactive coaching sessions for Students’ parents to participate in. This develops family bonds, encourages the student’s growth, and offers parents the opportunity to engage with coaches and other likeminded people, globally.

The Academy’s comprehensive curriculum is focused on the Prosperity Programme of Wealth, Health, Happiness and Success. It’s aimed at developing real-world readiness skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and leadership. With these foundational skills, students are equipped to tackle any challenge that comes their way and seize opportunities as they arise.

"We're thrilled to be launching the Young Mavericks Academy and providing young people with the tools they need to succeed, yet aren’t getting at school or college," said Dene Botha, founder and head coach of the Young Mavericks Academy. "Our goal is to unleash the full potential of the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, and to help them make a positive impact on the world."

The Young Mavericks Academy is open to young people and their parents, of all backgrounds, and offers an impactful and affordable opportunity for all. The program also includes mentorship opportunities with successful professionals and hands-on coaching that provide students with real-world experience further down the line.

"The Young Mavericks Academy is an investment in your child’s future," said Dene Botha. "Our results have been great and we're confident that our students will go on to achieve great things and make a meaningful difference in their communities."