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Did you know: In 2021, the average cost of keeping a prisoner in prison in England was £49,888 a year, compared with £42,670 in 2020. That means that over the course of 12 months, the cost of one prison place in England and Wales had increased by a whopping 14%!  With the cost of living still on the rise, we expect this to continue to rise in correlation.



Empowered Youth Academy Ltd. in association with Derby City Council have developed a programme entitled Streets to Success approved and funded by the Home Office Safer Streets fund round four. 

Streets to Success is an innovative approach to inspire, guide and mentor high-risk young offenders from the streets of Derby, transforming them into strong-minded individuals, self-made successes and ultimately guiding them away from the pathways to prison.

Comprising of physically and mentally challenging activities and incentivised skills-development training, the Streets to Success programme will see these young people will be supported by highly experienced mentors from our programme partners, Sporting Communities and Enthusiasm, alongside direct support from the Empowered Youth Team led by Dene Botha.


The programme offers an incubator through mentorship to find an alternative way to channel their energy into rewarding lifestyles and become contributors to society through employability and/or entrepreneurship.

“Low levels of confidence, motivation and guidance are fuelling unemployment, crime and even self- harm.”

Forresters Research

The aim is to break the cycle of crime that the offenders are in by:

  • Introducing them to relatable role models who will inspire them to create a new mind set,
  • Exposing them to extreme physical and mental challenges which will transform them into strong-minded and successful individuals
  • Encourage them to be better connected and involved with the Derby community, it’s people and local businesses
  • Embracing the journey of increasing self-esteem and self-worth, while providing them with the skillsets to manage and express emotions healthily

The opportunity is open to 15 at risk of offending or registered offenders, aged between 14 and 16, who have potentially been caught with drugs, knives and/or have gang affiliations and are therefore headed for a life of crime and possible incarceration.


Programme Outline

STS will take them through a 32-week programme ,divided into 3 PHASES beginning in November 2022 and ending in June 2023, including 8 weeks of an intensive, immersive training programme.



Local businesses and potential employers will be approached to assist in the rewards programme. Rewards can include seed-funding, apprenticeships, educational scholarships and – where age-appropriate – employment. After taking part in this initiative, Graduates will have the opportunity to become Local Mentors and Transformational Coaches to carry the baton into their communities.



We welcome organisations, local businesses, and the Derby community to get involved by contacting us through the website or emailing

About Derbyshire Safer Streets Initiative:

In accordance with the Government’s strategic approach to cutting crime and anti-social behaviour in youths and to reducing the number of victims of crime, making the country safer as set out in the “Beating Crime Plan”, the Derbyshire Council in collaboration with EYA have created a programme to inspire young offenders that a life other than one of crime is possible.

The cost to facilitate the “Streets to Success” programme is funded by the Derbyshire SAFER STREETS FUND: “The Government is clear that everyone in this country should have the security and confidence that comes from having a safe street and a safe home, and this is central to the mission of levelling up. The Beating Crime Plan” sets out how we will focus our efforts on hotspotareas where crimes are disproportionately concentrated; the Safer Streets Fund forms a key part of this approach in supporting local areas.”