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E-learning is here to stay. It’s practical, it’s efficient, and it’s accessible to (nearly) everyone.

However, many students also find it un-interactive, impersonal and, well – just downright boring. We’ve all heard the phrase of students claiming they are ‘Zoomed Out’ from online lectures. For many educational institutions online, self-guided courses have become the norm yet they’re difficult to navigate and are often no different from studying on YouTube – which takes unrivalled self-discipline.

Education is increasingly demanding and now more than ever students crave interaction, engagement, and face-to-face tuition. In saying that we all know that nothing puts students to sleep like whiteboards and dusty old textbooks. It’s not that they don’t want to learn, they’re just bored! And who wouldn’t be? The new generation is a digital generation. After the past two years of disrupted learning, students want and deserve fun and exciting learning experiences, and engagement.

That’s why, as Empowered Youth celebrates its 8th birthday, we’re taking things to the next level, combining the very best of online and classroom-based learning at our new state-of-the-art 3D virtual world in the Metaverse. Made available to individual students and colleges alike, once enrolled, students customise their personalised avatar, explore the unique virtual classrooms, and socialise with a global network of like-minded peers.

Our dynamic learning environment ensures students stay engaged (no more browsing Instagram and pretending they’re hard at work), whilst our immersive coaching classes provide them with the chance to interact with teachers and other students just like in a classroom.

Our extensive 12-month skills-development programme combines guidance, mentorship, and active hands-on learning to inspire students to become the best version of themselves.

We’ve done extensive research on the things that drive success in young people, including:

  • Elite Universities like Cambridge, Oxford etc. How do they differ from ‘normal schools’?
  • Life-Coaches like Tony Robbins, Jim Kwik, and Lisa Nicols. What are they teaching students? What are their secrets to success?
  • Top Employers like Salesforce, Hilton, DHL, Google, Cisco, and Apple. What do they look for in new recruits? What skills are in demand?
  • Real Students from across the world. What do they want to know? How do they like to learn? What interests and excites them?

We’ve taken this research and transformed it into a curriculum that equips students with important real-world readiness skills providing them with an overwhelming advantage in life. Named the Prosperity Programme, this modern and powerful learning programme is based on four foundational pillars – Wealth, Health, Happiness, and Success – our carefully-crafted curriculum is the roadmap to personal fulfilment and professional achievement.

Join us as we enter the Metaverse and embrace the future of online education.

For a demonstration, register for our free Unstoppable Webinar HERE, otherwise simply reply to this email and one of our friendly consultants will contact you to arrange a meeting to see what we can do for you, your child and/or your students.

As of April 2022, Empowered Youth has impacted over 61,000 lives in 8 countries across the world… But the journey is just beginning.

Global: Dene Botha 

+44 (0) 7871 924 788