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Studies demonstrate that high-quality careers guidance, first-hand work experience, and demonstrable workplace skills provide students with a powerful advantage in life.

Unfortunately, many students are uninformed and uninspired, with a lack of real-world careers guidance remaining one of the biggest barriers to professional success. That’s why, in 2013, the Gatsby Foundation developed 8 benchmarks of excellent careers guidance, to ensure that students preparing to enter the workforce have the resources they need to unlock their potential and accelerate their careers.

Here at Empowered Youth, we’re very proud to announce that we’ve been assessed and certified by the Careers and Enterprise Company as a Gatsby Benchmark 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 Service Provider.

Here’s what that means:
Benchmark 3: Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil:

Empowered Youth provides a highly-personalised and motivational mentorship experience. We challenge stereotypical thinking and the expectations that society imposes on students, demonstrating the wealth of opportunities available to them and inspiring them to pursue their aspirations.


Benchmark 4: Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

It’s one thing to be told you need to study certain subjects. It’s another to understand how they can help shape your future. That’s why our coaching programme helps students to understand the demands of the modern working world, including the skills that top employers are searching for and the practical function that subjects like English and math can serve in the workplace.


Benchmark 5: Encounters with Employers and Employees

Empowered Youth’s live and interactive coaching gives students the chance to meet a variety of skilled professionals, top employers, and successful business owners. So, whether they’re a tech wiz or a budding entrepreneur, our workshops provide the chance to gain valuable insight, advice, and first-hand careers guidance from those best equipped to provide it.


Benchmark 6: Workplace Experience

First-hand workplace experience is indispensable for students looking to make sensible and well-informed decisions about their future. We provide a fun, engaging, and inspirational introduction to the workplace that will leave students feeling self-confident, well-informed, and eager for more.


Benchmark 7: Encounters with Further and Higher Education

It’s important that students are informed of the full range of opportunities available to them, both academic and vocational. Empowered Youth is dedicated to helping students to realise their dreams and pave their own unique path to success.

To discuss how we can assist your educational institution and together, give your students the best chance at success, please contact us to arrange a meeting.


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