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Empowered Youth, the global skills-development academy has answered the call for more of its disruptive and thought-provoking digital workshops and will be hosting another exciting and impactful “WTF? – What’s The Future?” event this week.

The 60-minute event highlights the skills, tools and growth-mind-set young people around the globe are shouting out for after 14-months of inconsistent and disruptive learning methods having fallen short of expectations. Having surveyed hundreds of youth from all of its regions (South Africa, England, Philippines, India and Kenya), the life-skills academy has recognised a huge need for attention-grabbing-topics, eye-opening content, and real-life and interactive conversations with these young people.

“We see so many educational institutions, youth groups, universities and even global forums constantly having internal discussions about what can do done to assist and grow the youth, but they hardly-ever consult or involve young people in the conversation or learning programme creation experts. The kids of today know what they want, and the educational world needs to listen and provide”, said Dene Botha, Empowered Youth Managing Director,

“The world has changed at such a rapid rate that no one really knows what could happen next, therefore the best thing we can do as a civilisation is prepare the youth for everything by inspiring a ‘willingness to learn’ and strengthening them mentally and emotionally.”

Dene Botha

Students, parents, educational professionals, youth groups, government department representatives, business owners and media are welcome to attend the free one-hour virtual experience on Thursday 22 April to witness the impact of modern-global-education and experience the world-class 3D facilities of the IVA Global School for themselves.

Event info:

Topic: WTF? – What’s The Future?

Date: Thursday 22 April

Time: 12h00 (CAT) / 11h00 (BST)

Venue: IVA Global School 

(We will share the download link with attendees 24 hours before the event)

Cost: Free 

Register: or scan the QR Code on the poster