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Interactive Digital Workshops Comply with Social Distancing Criteria in Amended Financial Services Codes


Recent amendments to the standards required for Consumer Education programmes in the Financial Services industry have prompted Pride Factor Academy to create a series of interactive digital workshops that comply with the Covid-19 social distancing regulations.


The workshops enable entities to transfer the required financial knowledge and skills to consumers, future consumers and potential customers, including both individuals and Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs), while meeting the standards of the Financial Sector Code (FSC) for recognition on their BBBEE scorecard.

“We are pleased to provide a platform for financial sector companies that are struggling to deliver successful consumer education initiatives during the ongoing pandemic,” says Pride Factor MD, Dene Botha. “Our digital workshops can be tailored to suit a client’s needs within the FSC standards and improve their BBBEE status.”

Dene Botha

Created and presented by South Africans for the South African financial services marketplace, the Consumer Education workshop sessions are delivered by thought-leaders in an ‘edutainment’ and disruptive style that resonates with the target audience, leading to enhanced learning and retention outcomes.


Contact details of potential consumers can be provided by the company sponsoring the workshops or sourced by Pride Factor through their social and mainstream media channels and the extensive database of teenagers and young adults the skills development academy has interacted with during scores of motivational events, school and university road shows and at youth expos over the past six years.

Since the onset of the lockdown regulations, Pride Factor has pivoted from running live motivational events to delivering inspiration, guidance and mentorship to the youth via online platforms. To date more than 30 digital workshops have been conducted, attended by hundreds of the country’s future leaders. These have covered a broad spectrum of topics ranging from Financial Literacy, Ecommerce, Entrepreneurship and Communication to Creative Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Thriving in the New Normal, and more.


The digital platforms ensure that the reach and outcome of projects can be reliably measured through pre and post-session assessments and reports, thereby meeting the criteria for the Financial Sector Code (FSC) consumer education programmes.


Financial services entities with an annual payroll of more than R500,000 that are paying Service Development Levies (SDL) are invited to contact Pride Factor to discuss the options available for conducting consumer education projects that comply with the amended guidelines.


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