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Communication and Ecommerce the Key Skills as Youth Face Soaring Unemployment

Communication and Ecommerce are becoming the key skills for teenagers and young adults as the country’s 15-24 age-group face an unprecedented 75% unemployment rate resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic according to the latest report from StatsSA.


To address the lack of jobs in the mainstream economy, the Pride Factor Academy, a proudly South African skills provider, has created an online library stocked with video content designed to inspire and guide the youth on how to unlock their potential and not only become self-sufficient, but to thrive in these difficult times.


The latest additions to this portfolio of game-changing and easy-to-access video courses are ‘Your Communication Toolkit’ and ‘Start Your Own Online Store’, two vital skills that will enhance the prospects of anyone keen on improving their current circumstances.

Covering everything from presentations, networking and persuasion skills to handling interviews and negotiations, ‘Your Communication Toolkit’ has been compiled by Sean de Waal whose qualifications in Law, Applied Linguistics, Human Resources and 15 years of Advanced Coaching have furnished him with the expertise to guide you on improving all forms of verbal and written interactions.


The ‘Start Your Own Online Store’ course is scripted by Miles Masterson and Megan Scharffenorth, directors of Masterson Communications, a Cape Town-based digital marketing partnership, whose wealth of experience working for ecommerce startup clients and their own ecommerce enterprises enable them to cut through the noise and break down the process of launching an online store to provide you with an easy-to-adopt onramp into digital commerce.

“According to the feedback received from the hundreds of students who have completed Pride Factor’s video courses, being able to communicate effectively is the single most important factor in achieving success,” says Dene Botha, founder and GM of the Pride Factor Academy. “And the enormous increase in online shopping experienced during the lockdown has created exciting opportunities for anyone entering the global world of Ecommerce.”

Dene Botha

Created and presented by South Africans for South Africans, the video courses are delivered in an ‘edutainment’ and disruptive style that resonates with the target audience. Try-before-you-buy by taking the free introductory courses including ‘Cocooning like a Boss’ and the 13-part ‘Life Skills for Teenagers and for Young Adults’. Popular premium courses cover ‘Work Readiness’, ‘Entrepreneurship 101’ and ‘Show me the Money’, all of which provide students with motivation and guidance that is relevant to the real-life situations they experience on a daily basis.