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Pride Factor Academy Becomes a Rewards Partner for Global Citizen


The Pride Factor Academy is pleased to announce that it has become a rewards partner for the Global Citizen organisation and will be providing access to premium online life-skills courses for rewards winners.

Global Citizen, who brought the Global Goal: Unite for Our Future — The Summit & The Concert to a worldwide audience from Johannesburg on last Saturday, is an international advocacy organisation that has mobilised millions of people worldwide to take action against the major issues facing the planet, including the Coronavirus pandemic.

By taking action on the organisation’s website, and helping to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Global Citizens are rewarded with free tickets to cultural events and activities ranging from sports and music to educational programmes.

“Thrilled is an understatement! To partner with arguably the biggest and best known global advocacy organisation is as much of a privilege as it is a responsibility,” said Pride Factor Academy MD, Dene Botha. “We all have to do our part, and we’re excited to be “doing ours” with the wonderful people at Global Citizen.”

Dene Botha

The Pride Factor Academy has provided 150 bursaries for Global Citizens who applied for access to the ‘Entrepreneurship 101’ and ‘Show Me the Money’ premium online training courses on

Get involved with Global Citizen by downloading the App or signing up at globalcitizen.or/en/

For more on Global Citizen:

Twitter: @GlblCtznAfrica


Instagram: @glblctzn