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Life-Skills Academy Celebrates Youth Day by Cutting Costs of Premium Online Courses


This year’s Youth Day commemorated the 44th anniversary of the June 16 Soweto Uprising where thousands of courageous South African youths protested against the poor quality of the apartheid education system.


To celebrate this watershed moment, which eventually led to the formation of a free and democratic country, and to assist the current generation of youth who are suffering from lack of access to education facilities due to the Coronavirus lockdown regulations, life-skills academy Pride Factor has slashed the costs of its premium online courses to R99 each for the remainder of Youth Month.

In keeping with its mission to inspire and guide the youth, regardless of their background, on how to enhance their quality of life, Pride Factor announced in April that its introductory life-skills courses for teenagers and young adults could be accessed for free for the duration of the lockdown.


Today’s announcement means that young people anywhere in the country can now access the ‘Entrepreneurship 101’, ‘Show Me The Money’ and the brand new ‘Work Readiness’ courses in their own time and on any connected device at

These premium courses are designed and produced by South Africans for South African youth. They are interactive, contain highly relevant content, presented in an informal ‘edutainment’ style and provide each student with a Certificate of Completion to add to their CV’s.

“The number of students who registered for our free courses, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from those who completed them, demonstrates the huge need for life-skills in this country.

To honour the ultimate sacrifice made by the Youth of 1976 in their quest for better education for all, we have slashed the costs on our premium courses to make this practical and invaluable information available to a wider audience.”

Dene Botha

The switch in focus from producing live events to online tuition has enabled Pride Factor to offer earning opportunities to content creators, including script writers, presenters and video production staff. Experts in topics ranging from ‘Digital Relevance’ to ‘4IR’, ‘Negotiating Skills’ and ‘Agriculture’, all of which have been requested by students, are invited to contact Botha via the details below.


Youth Month has also seen scores of young South Africans signing up to ‘Have Their Say’ on how industries can improve their marketing to the highly sought after youth demographic by using the platform created by the #YouthMonth2020 collaboration between Pride Factor and the huge Bizcommunity digital platform.

Pride Factor will be adding more premium courses to its curriculum in the coming weeks with topics such as ‘Passion is Everything’ and ‘E-Commerce’ already in production.