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Hundreds of Students Complete Online Life-Skills Courses Offered by Pride Factor Academy During Youth Month


Hundreds of South African students have signed up for and completed the online life-skills courses offered by the Pride Factor Academy during this year’s Youth Month.


With the most of the country’s learning institutions still closed due to the lockdown regulations, all the Youth Month celebrations are taking place online this year and teenagers and young adults countrywide have shown their appreciation for Pride Factor’s inspirational video courses by posting impressive completion rates as they equip themselves for a better future.


The 13-part Life Skills for Young Adults course has seen 52 of the 143 enrolled (36.3%) qualify for their certificates of completion, while the premium five-part courses for financial literacy (Show Me the Money) and Entrepreneurship 101, each available at R299, have garnered even higher rates of 58.33% and 46.82% respectively.

"It’s gratifying to see the country’s youth keen on using the time they have available during lockdown to enhance their prospects for the future,” says Pride Factor founder and MD, Dene Botha. “The feedback received from the students has been really encouraging and we’ll be uploading new courses on ‘Work Readiness’, ‘E-Commerce’ and ‘Passion is Everything’ to the Academy website over the next 10 days"

Dene Botha

The switch in focus from producing live events to online tuition has enabled Pride Factor to offer earning opportunities to content creators, including script writers, presenters and video production staff. Experts in topics ranging from ‘Digital Relevance’ to ‘4IR’, ‘Negotiating Skills’ and ‘Agriculture’, all of which have been requested by students, are invited to contact Botha via the details below.


Youth Month has also seen scores of young South Africans signing up to ‘Have Their Say’ on how industries can improve their marketing to the highly sought after youth demographic by using the platform created by the #YouthMonth2020 collaboration between Pride Factor and the huge Bizcommunity digital platform.

More than a dozen videos featuring young thought leaders providing authentic advice to the captains of industry have been posted at Confident young South Africans aged 17 to 30 who are keen to bridge the gap between industry and the needs of the youth can participate in this promotion by sending a WhatsApp with their details (name, age, gender, location and occupation) and the industry you’re interested to 066 455 3508