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Free Access to Online Courses While Learning Institutions Remain Closed

Pride Factor, the life-skills academy dedicated to Inspiring Young Minds, has launched an online platform to provide South African teenagers and young adults with the vital skills required to build successful and fulfilling careers and enhance their quality of life.

The brainchild of Pride Factor MD Dene Botha, recently honoured as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Young South Africans for 2019 by Pan-African agency Avance Media, the state-of-the-art website offers a wide range of content that covers topics not usually taught in the country’s schools and tertiary institutions.

“At a time when the country is locked down, learning institutions are closed and face-to-face tuition is impossible, we’re pleased to introduce an online platform that will motivate and guide the tens of thousands of knowledge-hungry young South Africans looking for ways to improve their career and lifestyle prospects,” Botha explains.

“Given the tough economic times, the Pride Factor Online Academy has been launched with five courses, three of which will be available for free as long as learning institutions are closed. And every week we’ll be adding more affordable courses covering topics the local youth we interact with have asked for.”

Dene Botha

The free courses include a four-part series on how to thrive during the lockdown, titled Cocooning Like a Boss, and two 13-part courses on Life Skills, one for Teenagers and the other for Young Adults.

There are also inexpensive courses on financial literacy (Show Me the Money) and Entrepreneurship 101, each presented by experts in their fields which can be purchased via the shopping cart.

This South African themed content can be accessed by going to and clicking on Enrol. Complete the details requested, submit and then confirm your registration by clicking on the link you receive via email. And Voila, you are a member of the Pride Factor Academy and will be kept informed of all the new offerings!

Conceived, compiled, presented and produced by young South Africans, and based on feedback received from more than 50,000 local youths who have attended the company’s Inspired Youth motivational workshops held countrywide during the past six years, the online courses provide guidance on the essential skills needed to deal with current, real life scenarios.

The online platform also presents an excellent opportunity for public and private sector entities to communicate with the country’s youth by providing needy students with bursaries so they can access this invaluable content at no cost.

All the Pride Factor Academy courses can be white-labeled with embedded brand messaging enabling sponsors to provide their target market with genuine benefits while simultaneously enhancing brand loyalty among both existing and potential future clients.