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Empowered Youth is a mental health, growth mind-set and skills-development training academy dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for young people across the Globe, regardless of their background. Our students are inspired, guided and mentored how to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations and create successful careers and fulfilling lifestyles.


“We equip young people with the knowledge, tools and skills needed (mentally, emotionally and physically) to enhance their decision-making and ultimately improve their quality of lives. The coaching is delivered on a regular basis creating constructive habits and is delivered in a creative, impactful and measurable manner. Our wide range of skills-development training programmes are designed to complement ‘tradition education’ and are presented by subject-matter experts. The Academy is a modern, exciting, content-rich, online finishing school that moulds young people into successful people who live fulfilling and prosperous lives.”
– Dene Botha: Founder and Managing Director

What you’ll learn:

Success Habits, Confidence, Personal Branding, Employability, Grit, Thriving Beyond, Your Money Mojo, Being Boss, Critical Thinking, Courage & Facing Fear, Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship 101, Money Making Ideas, Global Citizenship, Public Speaking, Your Communication Toolkit, The Dark Stuff, How to Learn Quickly and Smash Your Exams, W.T.F? – What’s The Future?, Killer CV’s and Nailing the Job Interview, Leadership and Mindfulness, Time Management, Starting Your Own Business, Superhuman Skills, and more.


Step-it-up-a-level by joining our exclusive Digital Workshops and Virtual Experiences or become an Academy Member and reap all the benefits!

Academy Membership

Weekly, interactive group mentorship sessions hosted by subject-matter experts. Incubator classes addressing relevant topics such as Business & Money, Current Affairs, Global Citizenship, Leadership, and Mind-set Management. 

Academy Membership includes exclusive workshops, ongoing support, VIP access & invitations, “Learn & Earn” opportunities, competitions, prizes, awards, and more! 


Digital Workshops

Live, facilitator-led, online workshops addressing the most important skills required by today’s youth, and tomorrow’s leaders! Interactive, engaging, fun and impactful. Workshops are content-rich, real-time, contemporary, rewarding, relevant, fun and tailored to target audiences.

Digital Workshops provide in-depth coaching on single or multiple topics in high-energy and interactive 60 – 90 min classes (incl. Q&A and assessments)


Virtual Experiences

Modern, impactful and highly inspirational digital campaigns that offer students various opportunities and a fresh approach on normal, old, boring “activations”. These include Virtual University Tours, Pitching Competitions, Speciality Workshops and more.

Uniquely brand-able campaigns that run over a period of time, are tailored-made, highly newsworthy and provide brands with exciting new opportunities to engage with the youth.


What We’ve Been Doing

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"As a teenager who had no sense of direction, the Academy has helped me find myself; to find my purpose, and has kept me out of trouble. They have taught me lessons in life that I couldn't possibly have learnt at school."
Lee (19)

Lee (19)

"I am a young woman living with a disability called cerebral palsy. Empowered Youth has truly transformed my life, and helped me view things differently within my own community and country."
Emily (22)


"I know that, with the guidance of Empowered Youth, I will make a difference in people's lives. And now I’m 100% dedicated to do just that!"
Vuyo (21)

Vuyo Joboda

"Ever since I enrolled into the Empowered Youth Academy, my life has been filled with positivity. Through their coaching I've gained confidence, courage and the ability to know what I need to do in order to reach my dreams."
Q-Sha (19)


"Empowered Youth has inspired me to demand more from life and has encouraged me to work smarter for what I want. I’ve had the BEST experience and I know it will benefit me throughout my life!"
Aveleigh (17)

Aveleigh (17)

"My honest feedback is that its an extraordinary, creative and highly educational online course which I found myself glued up into when I was doing it."
Rich (20)

Rich (20)

"I like how the Empowered Youth tutorials are structured and how Mr. Dene made it entertaining by presentation the lessons in a fun and interactive manner. This is how teaching should be done!"
Stephen (18)

Stephen (18)

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Empowered Youth

It’s an obsession because we know that the youth are our future!

We are always looking for corporate partners, collaborators, content creators, enthusiastic students and the likes. So if you are looking to improve your life, up your skill-set or want to find out about our exciting youth marketing opportunities, then please make contact


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